On this site are my own houses and miscellaneous PDF cheets with the houses.
The houses are made from photographs, and are produced in the programs Gimp and Publisher. I have tried to draw in a CAD program and has agreed with myself that I leave that to professionals.
Click on the pictures to get building instructions.
Small townhouse     Yellow house     Railway station    
The farm Allotment Kirkerup Church  
Kjellerupsgade   Soendergade 43   Spoetrup Carstel  
Halt    Lars kjaer's house   Level cross keeper  
Jens Bangs House   Feed company Distillers plant
Logstor boatbuilding Coalmine Bindslev Poverplant
Søstrup Dairy   The Sawmill Other buildings sawmill
Norwegian Farm Tonder Station Perron
A pub   A Bank Colma Depot
A Harper Woodhouse